May 6, 2018


This part of my site will attempt to clarify the tasks I have been given in relations to the internships I have had.

Silkeborg Bibliotek

  • Tasks:
    to ensure that the large touch-screen installation, called The BOX, in the children’s section of the library in Silkeborg would be more used, and preferably for the tasks that were unique to it, such as custom software that had been purchased, and steer the users more away from the default features of any computer, such as internet access or similar.
  • 1st Request
    An entertainment prototype featuring some kind of activity around the The BOX, making the area a bit more lively, and not just a place to sit and view online videos.
  • Process:
    In order to apply the full potential of my skills, I prioritized creating several concepts that could all be very attractive in relation to the large touch-screen, including some that adhered more to my own analysis of certain problem areas with the installation, and not just the requested features. An example of this was that I had observed that there were in fact a good assortment of custom made software for the installation; library themed games, painting programs and a scavenger hunt featuring the entire library, all of which were hardly used. Because of this, I made it a goal to also include several concepts that could be used to mend this problem, but it was decided to continue towards the making of a prototype of the concept called Music Blox.
  • Result:
    The concept Music Blox featured a way to interact physically with digital music, allowing the user to move colored blocks around on a designated area in front of the screen, and assigning instruments to certain colors. This prototype featured tone and timing control of 4 colors and 8 possible instruments to assign to these colors, and ended in a fully functional form, although largely untested.
  • The production roles I ended up maintaining include:
    Project Planning, User Analysis, Concept Development & Prototype Development.

Not Even Entertainment

  • Tasks: 
    To assist the main team of the small start-up company, by both creating side-lined content and concepts, and unloading their workforce in order to accelerate their production time.
  • 1st Request:
    A better profile towards potential customers or users of their services, to better exemplify and explain the types of digital development tasks that the company is proficient with.
  • 2nd Request:
    Creating a framework with which to develop the on-going project by the name ‘Choice of Turret’, both in terms of Game-mechanics, Graphical expression, and Story.
  • 3rd Request:
    Level design for the on-going project by the name ‘Runner’, filling the prototype game with content, both meant for testing and permanent use.
  • Process: 
    Using a SCRUM-like structure for the small company, having a flat control structure on top of that, meant that the day to day process of development was very fluid, tasks often changing from the normal ‘This is what you are supposed to do’ events, to the ‘This is what you have to do right now’ situations, as the leadership in the company found it necessary, based on outside influences such as funding opportunities, networking events, and deadlines.
  • Result:
    A website showcasing both the capability and proficiency of the company, and the members thereof, as well as a portfolio section to be expanded as new projects are finished, was found to be a suitable solution to the desire for more exposure, and was set up. The second task was solved by creating a categories online work document, using Confluence as a basis, and creating a very large part of the initial content for the game, filling the main categories with at least a placeholder of the end result. The third task was not fully solved, mainly because it was still in development as my internship ended. Even so, a large amount of level sections were created; these would then be pieced together to form a modular expanding ‘running track’ that would randomize through several sections, making the level change each time the player played it.
  • The production roles I ended up maintaining include:
    Website Development, Concept Development, Story Development, Game Design, Level Design & Prototype Development.