Michael Harlev Kristensen

Digital Development and Design

This site is meant as an online portfolie and short overview of who I am and what I do; it will most likely be used as an appendix to any job-application I make.
So, if you are on this site, there is a good chance that I am interested in working with you.


Expertice and proficiencies

The ratios below are a brief visual summary of the major production roles I have facilitated during my projects and work experiences, and how far I feel I have progressed into each of the subjects.

I have touched upon different fields of the Frontend Development category, but no matter if I create concepts, designs or prototypes for practical or entertainment purposes; I always prioritize making it a positive experience for those who receive my work. My experience range from establishing customer contact and analyzing their needs, through the progress of finding the right design through rapid experimentation and digital development, wireframing or implementing simple prototypes, and performing quality assessments with various types of testing.

To put it short and simple:
I work to bring good experiences.


Experience Design


Concept Development


Graphical Design


Prototype Development

Major Projects

A quick access to the more interesting projects that I wish to highlight.

About Me

I think the main thing I want to say about my personality is that I am a major story enthusiast. Whether it is a book, a movie, a game, a tv-series, an audio-book, a comic, a cartoon or even a self-made role-playing adventure, I enjoy a good story more than almost anything else. Therefore I classify myself as a bit of an escapist, trying to make the world a little bit more interesting than the usually mundane.
Michael Harlev Kristensen
Michael Harlev Kristensen