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My jobs and internship projects in the digital field, made possible through coordination and teamwork

Not Even Entertainment

Not Even Entertainment – Website

As a newly started company, they still lacked a website, where they could display their own profile, and reference their products, both as a portolio of works, but also to increase sales.

Not Even Entertainment – Product Showcase

A large part of the website was dedicated to listing the games made by the company, and directing the visitors in the direction the products, to initiate a sale.

I assisted the main team of the small start-up company, by parts of their content and concepts, and unloading their workforce in order to accelerate their production time.

Some of the projects included creating their website as a public relations tool, creating a framework with which to develop the on-going project by the name ‘Choice of Turret’, both in terms of Game-mechanics, Graphical expression, and Story, and Level design for the on-going project by the name ‘Runner’; filling the prototype game with content, both meant for testing and permanent use.

During the cooperation, I was responsible for Website Development, Concept design, Story Development, Game Design, Level Design & Prototype Development.

Aalborg Spilforsyning

A new, smaller scale hobby-store was opening in Aalborg, to cater to the board-game, war-game and roleplaying-game community in the city – and they needed a concept for their visual theme, both in iconography, but also in-store appearance.

As the initial creative process was started ahead of actual finalized decisions about elements like the name and color-profile of the store, a broad ideation process took place, before being reigned in after some committee decisions was made based on the suggested material.

During the cooperation, I was responsible for the full Concept Design.

Aalborg Spilforsyning – Concept One

Before the actual branding profile had been settled upon, a series of sketches and icon-ideas was put into motion, to establish an overview of which possible directions could be pursued later down the line.

Aalborg Spilforsyning – Concept Two

Through development the colorful icon using classic game-pieces was developed, and added to the established name and tagline for the store, and created as a visual mockup for confirmation before delivery.

Aalborg Spilforsyning – Basic Poster

To further expand upon their profiling, a simple set of poster-layouts with their included iconography was produced on speculation, bto inform about other organizations and events in the area.

Aalborg Spilforsyning – Events Poster

To add to their material, a simple layout for their weekly events was also made, so the customers coming and going had full awareness of the events.

Them Fysioterapi

Them Fysioterapi – Old Website

The old website for Them Fysioterapi was simply outdated, both in navigation, visual style, and content, so a rundown of the website was made before the re-hosting process was set in motion.

Them Fysioterapi – New Website

With a new hosting deal put in place with Group Online, a website with a more modern look and sensibility was made, wherein regular updates and content changes are more easily made.

SportsCares – Private Clinic

The clinic owner’s vision for her future clinic involved a blue and black color-scheme, and this was of course integrated into the design for the new website she wanted.

SportsCares – Lorem Ipsum

Becayse of the Covid outbreak  in 2020, it is not clearly defined what the scope of the clinics treatment is going to be, when it becomes established, and so, filler text and imagery is used to maintain the visual completeness of the website. 

SportsCares – Treatments

Any part of the treatments that are fully decided upon has been incorporated into the website, both to finalize as much of the project as soon as possible, but also to give it a real-to-life expression.

SportsCares – Contact Information

Any part of the treatments that are fully decided upon has been incorporated into the website, both to finalize as much of the project as soon as possible, but also to give it a real-to-life expression.

A clinic for physical therapy in the vicinity of Silkeborg in central Jutland, was seeking to update and re-host their website, with a new company and thereby giving it a more modern profile.

I was first hired as a content manager for the older website, and then acted as a liaison for the process of establishing the new website through Group Online (Then called DanaWeb). After the update, I still maintain and update some aspects of the website, while leaving the hosting and backend in the hands of Group Online. As a side project, the clinic owner asked me to make a simple version of a website for another private clinic devoted to sports-injuries, that could be set into development, in the following years;

During the cooperation, I was responsible for the Content Management, the Visual Guidelines, Requirement Description and Website Development.


The small team at Solstrålen Støtteforening, a support organization for the development of Children’s Hospices in west Denmark, was experiencing a slow and cumbersome process, when they wanted to add weekly updates to their website. This was mainly because they communicated through a middle-man who managed the website, instead of implementing the changes themselves.

To solve this problem, a session was established, where I taught three members of their team, how to access and update small segments of their website themselves; mainly the Activities section, that features the regular updates.

During the cooperation, I was responsible for IT Training in regards to website updates.

Solstrålen – An Introduction to Website Maintenance

When a small organization has the need to communicate their presence and activity, a website can be an easily managed tool, if you get the right introduction to how to maintain it.

ColorMotion - Verplank

Solstrålen – Regular Updates

By giving the small group at Solstrålen, a basic 2 hour introduction into how to access and update their page on weekly activities, they have become more self-sufficient in their own communication.

ColorMotion - Verplank

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